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Huntsman Defence Systems

Maritime and littoral solutions

Huntsman Defence Systems, are a team of innovators focused on the best methods of ensuring small military craft or ships are designed, built and utilized to provide 100% efficiency at all levels.

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About Us

Our founding organization goes back over 30 years, we dig deep for our clients and gain satisfaction every moment we leave a trail of tangible improvements in your maritime affairs. 

We design innovative 12m -  20m patrol craft focused on low wake and signature, stealthy in operation with practical modular mission payloads

We help improve how we transport troops from ship to shore with custom modular seating systems tailored for landing craft or amphibious operators. 

These are just some of our operations helping Improving your highly complex technical and operational environment.

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Land forces conference is upon upon us once again and this will be our third year attending, This and the Pacific maritime conference is always high on our list. This year at the Brisbane convention center June 1st to 3rd,  we will be at Booth G1 on the main floor. we look forward to catching up !

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Huntsman Patrol Craft Update

Febuary 4th  2021
The final stages of the Huntsman Patrol craft business case is now ready to release

The overall business case is now settled for the program, Its taken a lot of refinement and effort to complete, The program revolves around building a 15m craft with low signature and stealth features for defence. Our primary objective is develop and demonstrate how we can reach the highest level of stealth at the same time provide a powerful capability for defence. Emphasis on lean manufacturing on a production basis with a high level of Australian Industry Content (AIC) . We intend keep the program an all Australian product for export as well as offer the Huntsman to the ADF for consideration.


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Land Forces Conference Brisbane

March 26th 2020
Shark seating and Huntsman defence systems focus on Army and Navy personnel safety

We are pleased to announce that Shark Seating from NZ will be our booth partners for this years Land Forces conference. Shark seating manufactures suspension seating for craft of all sizes. This very important aspect for troop and crew movement on Army and Navy craft.  Based in New Zealand they export to 45 countries with an increasing presence on Navy, Army, Coastguard and Police boats. Founder, designer and managing Director Mr Paul Zwaan will be able to discuss your requirements at the conference.

Shark seating

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Huntsman noise and vibration

Minimizing Hull signature on Naval Ships  ASW - MCM

31st March 2021

This warship is about to be launched after a considerable maintenance period, yet our maritime solutions expertise tells us that there is more work to do. Why you may ask ? -  Well it goes down to vessel signature improvements.  Submarines detect warships by several means and this vessels underwater signature is just one.  In this case we have a number of solutions. Firstly, The abundance of anodes placed in  and around the hull directly above the propellers.   The large anodes while serving their cathodic protection purpose they also act as a hindrance and disturbs the laminar flow of water in this critical area.  Simply put it creates noise submarines can detect.   In this situation we would design inserts made of the same gauge and material as the hull plate and then have the anodes flush inside the inserts. The second observation is the absence of a propeller cones on this four prop configuration. This omission  is also amplifying the disturbance in this area causing a greater underwater signature and disturbance, we suggest that a composite cone is the solution, designed and fitted in such a way that the attachment bolts are the same material as the prop material and the cone material is inert to corrosion.  These simple modifications should be scheduled and planned into the next docking. Every detail counts in optimization.

*Our inspection services encompass straight forward noise reducing signature recommendations for maritime vessels, plan approval, New Builds, existing vessels, and internal inspection of all noise generating machinery or systems.

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